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Our Story

Farm Fresh Food & Family Fun


The Timberland Hills Apple Orchard is a family owned business, locally owned and operated by three siblings and their families.  As a family run business, we want to focus on community building, and providing entertainment for families of all shapes.


Our goal is to provide a low-cost experience for families to make long-term memories which is why most of our activities are free.  We offer pick-your-own or pre-picked apples and always have fresh pressed apple cider.


We have a range of activities for families including apple picking, playground, campfire area, gardens to walk through, family games, a scavenger hunt, and of course a hayride.

The Orchard

The orchard has been around since the 1980s, so many trees are over 30 years old and have high production rates.  We have some heritage varieties like the Northwest Greening that has been around for over 200 years and puts the Granny Smith to shame but there have also been several updates through the years and we have many varieties of apples including honeycrisp, zester, State fair, sweet 16, and our newest variety the Kindercrisp. 

The orchard has a single large building, which contains a gift shop, a commercial kitchen, a walk-in apple cooler, workshop, and space for material storage. The building is also set up with apple washing, grading, sizing, and packaging equipment.


As part of our commitment to our environment, we have a 16-panel solar grid which generates roughly 50% of the electricity that the orchard uses on an annual basis. 

In 2022 and 2023 we were 100% organic.  We used no pesticides or chemicals on our apple trees.  Our apples may have a few more spots then other orchards but it’s 100% organic and natural.

Ask us for a tour and we will gladly show you how our apple orchard operates.  We can show you how we pick, sort, and store apples.  If you are lucky to catch us when pressing cider you can even watch us make some cider.

We are open Friday through Sunday starting Labor Day Weekend through most of October.

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